packaging and bags for many industries

Food packaging

Food packaging

  • Food packaging : frozen fruits, vegetables, pastry, breaded products
  • Powdered products (coffee, cocoa, milk-powder, instant soup, spice)
  • Oilseeds (hazelnut, pistachio, pumpkin seed etc.)
  • Snacks, chips, Biscuits, wafer biscuit
  • Chocolate, muesli
  • Dehydrated fruits, vegetables, mueslis
  • Cheese and meat products – vacuum and barrier packing
  • Pastes
  • Cap of cup products
  • Shrink labels for shrinking the bottles

Chemicals packaging

Chemicals packaging

  • Washing powder
  • Soap
  • Insecticides

Product of gardening packaging

Product of gardening packaging

  • Mould, manure
  • Seed-corn
  • Powdered chemicals

Higiéniai termékek csomagolása

Pharmacy packaging

  • Pills, powder

Pet food

  • Dry feeding
  • Treats

Sanitary product packaging

  • Bag of baby dippers and sanitary pad
  • Film for handkerchief and for napkin packing

Tasakok, táskák és zsákok – egyedi kivitelben

Sachets, bags, sacks – unique design

  • Polythene film (LDPE or HDPE)
  • Printed with 8 colours or in photo quality
  • Tamper-evident taped
  • Permanent closure, adhesive closure
  • Stabil side-sealing
  • Code, numbering
  • Tearable bon
  • Documentpouch on front or back side
  • Air holes, Euro-standard holes, Perforation

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